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Product Quality

Filter manufactured with the highest standard.


KOJI Filters are known in the industry for its high-quality standard, durable materials, and excellent product reliability.   This is made possible thru our concerted effort of delivering the best-in-class filtration products in the market.

KOJI Filters are quality tested.

Unlike other filter brands, each KOJI Filter we make are thoroughly tested and checked to ensure it will function perfectly in the duration of its service life.

100% Quality Control.
Monitored round the clock.

We have engineers dedicated in continously monitoring the quality of each part and products produced in the KOJI plant.  Every filter parts undergoes rigorous inspection for suitability and durability before they are approved for final assembly.

Guaranteed with ISO seal of quality.

All KOJI Filters are manufactured under the ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System. This means each filter is consistently manufactured with the highest quality standard.